Whether your passionate about Harley’s or BMW’s, Mercedes or Vintage automobiles, you can now experience an extraordinary portrait session that celebrates that passion. AND… gives you legacy images to enjoy and pass down for generations to come.

IRON N2 ART is an idea born out of knowing what it means to cruise an open road with the wind in my hair and nothing but the sound of the engine humming along in match-step with my heart. 

Every image on this page is from a real IRON N2 ART portrait session. A man and his machine… the one he fusses over, takes great pride in ownership …and lets him unwind and enjoy the open road. Whether male or female the idea is to celebrate your passion for the road… for the journey …the adventure. 

Your IRON N2 ART portrait session is about capturing moments happening right now. In a decade or two the legacy images from your shoot will still inspire you.

You're Not Normal

Some people just don’t understand. They’ll never understand why you love nothing over head but the sky. Or why you wanted that car in that color with that engine and those appointments. Or what makes you tick. You’re not normal. Celebrate that fact! Book your free photo-shoot consultation today!

Painting With Light

The image featured image above isn’t a Harley Davidson Ad for a new super bike. It’s the end result of a custom IRON N2 ART portrait session with a real client and it took place in his garage. “Light Painting” is done in the dark and goes directly to camera. Can you see your own light painting? From motorcycles to cars to…what’s your passion?!

Capture Now

Some portrait shoots don’t belong in a studio. They belong in valleys or on mountain tops!  As a rider myself, I understand the pull of the road and the wind in your hair. Capture this moment in your life with an IronN2Art portrait… don’t wait until one day …when you wish you did.



We don’t start with pricing — we start with a conversation.

How do you want to be photographed?

  • Want to meet downtown to find an incredibly cool brick street in the city and do your photo shoot there?
  • Do you want to immortalize you and your machine in your own garage? (yes, that is possible)
  • Do you want a combination of locations?
  • Want to meet at your favorite roadhouse?

It’s up to you. We’ll meet you there. We listen first… and offer ideas and suggestions to make your photo shoot an experience you’ll remember (with a smile) for a lifetime!


The sitting fee starts at $675 for a photo shoot within 25 miles of downtown St. Louis. $300 of your sitting fee can be used toward the purchase off any Image Collection. Images are sold separately.

Yes, we will discuss fees and pricing during your consultation -and- you’ll have all the answers you need to make the best decision for you. Every consultation is free.

I want to find out how YOU want to be photographed and plan the perfect photo shoot you’ll love doing and love having on your wall for decades… even generations from now.


It begins like every road trip …as an adventure. No commitment. Just discovery.

You’ll know if you’re ready for this unique experience that elevates your passion to a whole new stratosphere after your free consultation.

Click the button below to send a request for your Free IRON N2 ART Consultation Call. No credit card required. We’ll get back to you within 24 hours to schedule a date/time for our call.

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Questions? Comments?

Got a question you need answered before setting up your Consultation? Not a problem. Can’t wait to hear from you. Go ahead… send a note.

We never sell, rent or share your personal information. 

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