Are you close to our Downtown studio? Or, is our Town & Country location easier? Medina Portraits HEADSHOT DAY, takes place on different days in two locations. Select the calendar below for the location that works best for you…

Beautiful Downtown Location

My loft studio location is near Washington & Tucker. Tucked just behind the famous Rosalita’s. This is my main studio complete with a kitchen, hot tea, great snacks and more to make you feel at home. You’ll find you’re in a comfortable space where you’ll be treated to a remarkable photo session experience.

Let’s face it, a lot of folks tend to get a little stressed out when it comes to having their picture taken. I get it… my team gets it and we go above and beyond to let you know that you couldn’t be in better hands. When you walk in you’ll notice your photo session is the number ONE priority for me and my team. You’ll feel at home here – which makes for incredible images.

Hey, did I mention we have no hassle parking with All Day Lots ($1.75) right next to the building? Easy downtown parking and great restaurants within walking distance after you’re session! Click the calendar below to book your HEADSHOT DAY.

Downtown Booking Calendar

Cozy Town & Country Location

The Town & Country location is perfect if getting downtown isn’t an option. Several dates are scheduled throughout the month to choose from. Our Town & Country location is at the intersection of Powerscourt Drive and JJ Kelly Memorial Drive. Conveniently located with ample parking. Click on the calendar link below to book your date and time!

Town & Country Booking Calendar

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