Beth’s Surprise Party!

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of capturing a surprise birthday celebration at Doc’s Harley Davidson in Kirkwood… of none other than the owner of the shop, Beth.

James and I tracked the party on video and in still images, from the beginning as the early-morning crew showed up and stayed hidden away downstairs, right through to cutting the cake.

My brother Russ, who sent the invitation originally, planned to ride his bike that morning. However, all of St. Louis woke up to a glistening white blanket of snow on all the roof-tops, roads, bushes and well… everywhere. That little Christmas “gift” ruled out the morning bike ride but not the party!

Doc’s customers who were stashed away in the basement with warm coffee, chairs and breakfast muffins until the big event started. Then, it was up the stairs while Beth’s family arranged for the cake to be wheeled out. Filing in from a number of different directions everyone sang Happy Birthday while a surprised and delighted Beth kept saying “This is so cool!” Before cutting the cake, she had to ring the bell! If you don’t know… at Doc’s big events require a ringing of the bells — a bronze bell that hangs on the wall in the middle of the store. You’ll hear it and see it in the video (link below).


There are many pictures to view online – and download a few if you like. The still images can be found right here: BETH’S BIRTHDAY IMAGES 2017


To view the final cut on Beth’s Surprise Birthday Celebration click here: BETH’S BIRTHDAY VIDEO 2017

ENJOY… and you’re welcome to leave your comments below! A complete pleasure to share this day with everyone who attended.

– Andrea