Selecting the wardrobe for your brand new headshot session, is important and me and my team are here to help.

First, I want you to know you’re in good hands…

I’ve spent my life engaged somewhere – in one form or another – in the fashion industry. I designed two seasons of my own clothing line, in Los Angeles, and still design couture fashion for portrait clients today.

I keep abreast of current trends of the incoming and outgoing kind 🙂  Let’s just say I have learned a thing or two about fashion; color, fabrics, patterns, necklines and more. It’s an instinct at this point.

I know what looks fantastic on camera and what doesn’t – and I know what one skin tone can get away with that another cannot. Sometimes this knowledge has come through trial and error. My own!

That said, I am here to help you relax, have fun and completely enjoy your HEADSHOT DAY experience. A big step in that direction is getting the wardrobe settled and out of the way.

Styling Session Via eMail or Text – How It Works

  1. As soon as you book your session, go through your closet and select 3-5 outfits to wear for your headshot.
  2. Put each one on and take a picture with your cell phone.
  3. Send all the pictures to me via EMAIL or TEXT. You’ll receive my personal cell number after you book.
  4. I’ll go through the images, ask any questions I need to and make suggestions.
  5. Within a few messages your headshot wardrobe will be all settled… or you’ll be out shopping! One or the other. Honestly, I’ve rarely seen it necessary for someone to go shopping for a headshot. But hey, it is a great exuse to get that gorgeous jewel colored top you’ve had your eye on. 🙂

I can’t wait to work with you on MP HEADSHOT DAY… and it all begins with your included Styling Session.

If you haven’t booked your headshot session yet just click here to view my upcoming MP HEADSHOT DAY calendars, select your date and pay online. So easy.  – Andrea Medina