Life is brutal and beautiful …and if you haven’t had a portrait session lately, to capture the moments of your life …to cherish and hold for today …and for your family to hold years from now, you’re missing out on something truly extraordinary!

I love to photograph REAL people, with real lives and histories. It’s what I have come to realize, I can do extremely well.

The story behind how I first picked up a camera truly isn’t very interesting. It’s actually more like a series of things that ultimately put me behind the camera, which would take a book to write. So for now, the story isn’t about the past – at least not my past – it’s about now and what happens in the moments when someone is in front of my lens.

The best way… the only real way to share that with you is through the images themselves.

The image at the head of this post of my assistant, my husband, my friend, evokes a sensation in me that continues to bubble under the surface even as I write this — and it’s been a couple of days now. I want to look at it again and again.

Because I’m constantly testing new lighting setups, anyone who is close at hand gets put in front of the camera!

”Hey bunn” (a nickname we’ve used for more years than I can count) “can you come stand in for me on this lighting setup?”

”Sure, one minute.”

Then I wait while he puts down whatever he’s got going and comes to stand where I ask him to. I guide the pose the way I do with every client and he makes faces at me, which make me laugh. The first few shots are silly and then ….I see a moment that makes it into post-production and sometimes… blows my mind.

James J. Steward – Portrait by ANDREA MEDINA

The setup in this image is based on the “Signature Setup” from Felix Kunze. You can find it in “The Lighting Series” he just released. You can also find Felix, on Instagram here: @felixkunze.

At the end of the day – at least for me – every photograph is a step in my own journey, which just so happens to intersect with my client’s journey.

The funny thing about these steps, is we often don’t realize how valuable they are until after they happen and we reflect back on them. It’s just everyday stuff at the time. But later – in retrospect – it can be life-changing.

This image is that for me. It’s life-changing because it came to life through searching for the perfect lighting approach for this shot, which I found and can now repeat again and again. That’s only the tip of iceberg though. The ways in which this has changed me is difficult to put into words just yet.

It’s life-changing for my client (who happens to be my husband) because he gets to see himself the way I do… as a beautiful, warm, connected human being. He used this image on his social media account, which desperately needed to be updated but he puts little effort into those things. For him to take the time to change out his photo says quite a lot. If you knew him, you’d know just how big a deal that really is LOL.

You may think you’re not ready to get a portrait done. You may have a million reasons why now isn’t the right time. In this image, my husband James is wearing his work t-shirt and a fleece jacket that has definitely stood the test of time! I will do a shot in his best suit at some point, but the fact is, it doesn’t matter. What we cannot stop looking at is the expression… the face of someone we love and care for.

Your family will feel the same way.

I can’t wait to have a conversation about your portrait shoot. Connect with me by clicking right here. We’ll set up your complimenatary consultation and discuss how you’d like to be photographed.  – Andrea Medina