The “headshot” is often associated to actors or movie stars but these days a professional headshot is a necessity for practically every profession.

Why? Because people associate YOU with your business. That is what makes it so important to have a high-quality, professionally photographed image for your website, business cards, email and more.

And “No”, a selfie will not do. A snapshot taken on your phone or lifted from a photo at an event where you like the shot isn’t good enough for professional use.

By going the extra mile to have your mug professionally photographed opens a larger world of possibilities with current and potential clients.

When you include a great headshot on your website or business card, you’re giving your business the “human” advantage.

If someone hands a friend your business card with a good, well-shot photo on it, that person already feels they know something about you that a plain white (or colored) business card cannot do on it’s own.

Your About Me Page

It’s critical that your About Me page include an excellent photo of you. It connects a face with the narrative.

It makes your business seem friendlier and more open.

Websites Come Across More Professional

A good headshot can be used across platforms from your website, to social media, to your business card and emails. It sends the message that you’re a professional.

Headshots & Personal Branding

Branding your business is as important to your success as having a great product or service. Stop for two seconds and think of a few top brands you know well.

McDonalds. Pepsi. Coke.

Did you see words on a page? A narrative? Or a picture in your mind’s eye?

Of the three internationally famous companies I just mentioned, none have a person’s face… but they do use imagery. Color. Recognizable shapes that are known around the world.

While a major international company may use extremely well thought out color schemes and shape in their logo and marketing campaigns today, there was a time when a person – a person’s face – was how the connection was made to their local customer.

Branding, for the small to mid-sized business owner today, is more than a logo or USP (unique selling position).

In short, branding is the emotional connection between you and your customer.

Your face IS your company brand and a significant aspect of your marketing.

What You Can Expect With Medina Portraits

When you book a headshot or personal branding session with me you get a Styling Session before the photo shoot. This means that you’re not on your own to figure out what colors are best for you or if you want to wear something other than a business suit, which necklines will work best for you. How to prepare your skin, nails and hair is all covered along with the tone you prefer for your business shots.

We‘ll talk beforehand so you can prepare. I want your images to suit your current brand colors, website and business branding goals. And… I want you to love your photographs.

I can also customize your session to include more than just headshot. Your Pre-Shoot Consultation will answer questions and lay the groundwork for your successful photo shoot.

By the time your photo session happens you’ll be fully prepared. My first and most important goal is produce images that will serve and grow your business.

Something To Say About Mary

A few weeks ago I had a combination lunch and photo session with Mary Scott, Owner of Make Believe TV, here in Saint Louis.  I met Mary at a local business networking MeetUp and now she’s part of the MEDINA PORTRAITS family — a friend and client. We had a great time creating new headshots for her video production business.

Medina Portraits Headshots for Professionals

Mary Scott’s company “Make Believe TV” is located in downtown St. Louis.

Mary is a highly accredited video producer and video content creator for business people, serving the St. Louis area. You can learn more about Mary Scott at Tell her I sent you!





Before & After

As you can see, Mary has changed her look. Her headshot didn’t reflect that significant change and her photos were – according to Mary – out-of-date. I recommend updating your business profile images at least every 2 years (every year is even better).

I love creating images that I have come to see through experience, truly do have the power to make your business even more successful!

To book your headshot session with me, Andrea Medina, call 855-607-4686 or email using the contact form right on this site. I look forward to working with you to give your business the personal touch!

Stay gorgeous,
– Andrea Medina