This past week James (my assistant) and I, went in search of a spot to test a new off-camera strobe. I love staying on the cutting edge of what’s happening in portrait photography. It’s important to use the right tools without getting lost in them! I choose carefully, practice, test and use ony what I really need.

As a “Natural Light Shooter”, I recognize there are times when adding a light can make a big difference and opens up the times of day it’s possible to shoot out doors.

During our light test the other night, James noticed several people were slowly making their way through park, toward the arch. Some were sitting on the hill close by taking selfies, laughing and talking…

Since this wasn’t a client shoot, James thought it would be fun to ask if they’d like to stand in while I tested out settings. Very kindly, two couples agreed.

I had less than 10 minutes with each couple — and of course — they hadn’t planned their wardrobe for a portrait shoot LOL. Still, we had an amazing time. With a bit more time I could have posed them with more flair… but the images are lovely and sweet.

It was enjoyable to get to meet – and pamper – these couples and make a connection AND… in the end provide a beautiful shot or two for them, for graciously lending their support to the ight test.

So, let me introduce you to our two wonderful couples who I like to refer to as our “Celebrities In The Park!”

Ryan & Tiffany


And our second couple…

Rohan & Vritusha

Medina Portraits

Lovers under the arch

Medina Portraits

Medina Portraits Saint Louis

Vritusha in Saint Louis – Medina Portraits

Medina Portraits

Medina Portraits


Medina Portrait Photography

Beautiful Faces

Making Your Shoot Enjoyable, Easy and a Celebrity Experience Is What We Love To Make Happen

You’re invited to come have a cup of tea and a croissant to discuss YOUR  portrait shoot. I can’t wait to meet you! – Andrea