Medina Portrait Couture Magazine

By Andrea Medina Steward

80 pages, published 8/28/2017

MEDINA PORTRAITS MAGAZINE celebrates the work and vision of fashion-inspired, portrait photographer, Andrea Medina. In the pages of Medina Magazine, you’ll get a birds-eye view as clients experience Andrea’s unique, magazine-style portrait sitting and see beautiful legacy images from recent photo shoots. Learn how a professional photo session works and what makes portraits one of the most powerful investments you can make in your business, your…


Hello everyone!

Welcome to the new  website and – as it happens – the very first blog post…

The mail came this week. A package that I knew contained the very first MEDINA PORTRAITS MAGAZINE for the new studio in Saint Louis.

Eventhough I’ve been working on this issue for many weeks now, I was still holding my breath just a little as Jai began opening the box.

I was about to see it for the first time.

When he held it up there was a tiny squeal. Pretty sure that came from me LOL. We both laughed as we knocked heads trying to get a closer look at the cover and then inside pages. After that we decided it would be healthier to take turns :).

The ‘buzz’ continues every time I look at it or hold in my hands.  I’ve seen my work in print many times but it simply never gets old! I’m a kid in a candy store. 

First and foremost I’d like to thank every one of my gorgeous clients who are featured in the first “Medina Portrait Couture Magazine”. This would (of course) not be possible with out them.

To Alyssia. Our first “Cover Girl” — I adore the shot on the cover Aly, I hope you enjoy it as well.

Inside, you’ll find Alyssia is featured in the “Client Spotlight” section with an overview of our time together, along with excerpts from our interview together during her reveal session.

You can look through the entire magazine online at Magcloud (click on the link above) at no cost.

Want Your Own Printed Copy?

I love the internet. I love the digital world for what it affords in speed of communication and so much more BUT…

…I love to have that finished printed product in my hands. There’s nothing like it.

There is something wonderful about wrapping your fingers around a beautifully bound book or a ratty (but favorite) paperback, a magazine – of course a matted portrait! (couldn’t help it) — and I know I’ll never get beyond wanting to “hold it in my hands”. For that reason I’ve made it possible for you to purchase our new magazine if you so desire.  It isn’t necessary to peruse the pages though — you can go through it online by clicking on the link above.

If you would however, like to own your very own copy of the new Medina Portraits Magazine Fall/Winter 2017 edition, then by all means, head on over to Magcloud and put in your order. They custom print each copy and I can attest to the fact that they are beautiful!

I invite you to post a comment or question in the COMMENTS area below. I love reading what you have to say -and- answering any questions you may have.

Finally, thank you for dropping by and sharing this moment with me and my team. We look forward to offering you exquisite service and tender loving care for all your portrait and headshot needs.

Until next time,